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Cosmedent is Spreading Smiles by helping our customers provide better dentistry for their patients. Our commitment to quality dental products and dedicated customer support leads to smiling patients and thriving dental practices. All of our products are designed by dentists for dentists and our knowledgeable customer care department is here to help you succeed.



All of Cosmedent products are designed by dentists for dentists and solve some of dentistry’s most frustrating problems. Over the past 30 years many of our products have received the highest awards for their esthetic excellence. They are wear-resistant, color stable and are designed to help dentists achieve reliable results with confidence.


We want to see your practice grow. Our Tip of the Month videos, free webinars, extensive technique manuals, knowledgeable Customer Care Department, advanced technical support and hands-on learning center are offered to help you succeed. Be sure to check out Cosmedent's Resource Center for helpful tips and techniques. 




We can help you achieve invisible restorations. Our company has continually strived to provide the highest esthetics so your patients can be more confident in their smiles. Our Renamel composites are the most wear-resistant, color stable and highly polishable of any composites on the market. Our unique product line is designed to help dentists get results that their patients will love.


High quality products mean longer lasting results. Cosmedent products are wear resistant and color stable, helping dentists create a lifetime of beautiful, lasting smiles. Our dependable Customer Care Department and dedicated support services will give you the tools necessary to create long-lasting, reliable results.


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Customers Say:

"Thank you so much for the most generous gift of your extraordinary products. It's so apparaent how you have tried to bring the dentist's perspective to dental materials."

"Your willingness to share has been of great service to my patients and me."

"As a dental team we always strive for perfetion in our work. Your products have enabled us to come one step closer in our goal. I thank you and my patients thank you."

"I have used your information and Cosmedent products with great success to raise my level of clinical expertise."

"Your materials just handle beautifully - they are color stable and finishing and polishing is truly a wonderful experience. I felt I had to write you all a note of thanks."

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Incisal Troughing by Dr. Bud Mopper

Dr. Bud Mopper shows you his step-by-step troughing technique. A great but often overlooked profit center for dentists.
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The Mylar Pull

Dr. Corky Willhite shows you a technique to achieve great countours and contacts on your composite restorations.
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How to do a core build up in a unique way

Dr. Bob Margeas demostrate how to replace two large amalgam restorations with core material without the use of a matrix band.
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