Artistic Direct Veneers – Far Beyond the Ordinary!

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Dr. Newton Fahl presents:
Artistic Direct Veneers- Far Beyond the Ordinary!
Dates: September 26-27 (2 full days)
AGD Credits: 16
Fee: $3,495, includes breakfast, lunch and materials


This class will teach you how to make natural, beautiful looking direct composite veneers from many different aspects. Learn techniques for incisal translucency, opalescence, color selection, replicating natural morphology and finishing and polishing your restoration with results that are far beyond the ordinary!


  • Learn how to create direct veneers that are naturally light yet polychromatic.
  • How to properly color map a veneer
  • Understand where to use chromatic and achromatic enamels for best color and translucency transition.
  • How to use the right tint color at the right color intensity to create natural hue and chroma variation.
  • Learn how to make a direct veneer for the bleached dentition.
  • How to use bleach shades for veneering without making the restoration look dull.
  • Selecting the right shades for making bleached-looking veneers natural looking.
  • Patient wants light and bright - but I can make it better than that!
  • How to finish and polish a composite restoration to mimic natural enamel.
  • Learn from A to Z how to visualize anatomical landmarks to achieve correct tooth form, incisal edges, point angles and embrasure forms.
  • From smoothest to texturized - how to custom finish your composite restorations.
  • How to polish it to look like glass and how to create stippling and striations while making it shine like the light.

For more information email CEE@cosmedent.com or call Erika Heier at 800-837-2321

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