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Catch the Composite Fever – Focus on Accreditation Case Type 5


Dr. Corky Willhite presents:
The Road to Successful Smile Makeovers with Composite: Especially Helful for AACD Accreditation Case Type 5
Dates: October3-6 (3 1/2 days)
Time: Wednesday -Friday 8:00am -5:00pm, Saturday 8:00am - noon
Fee: $4,795, includes breakfast, lunch and materials


Take this course if you want to increase your chances at Accreditation. One of the most challenging of all Accreditation requirements is the 'six or more direct resin veneers' case. Now you can increase your chance of success with this highly interactive lecture and hands-on course designed specifically to assist in developing the skills required to pass this segment. Small class size allows for individual attention and problem solving.


  • Increase your chances of Accreditation by learning skills to improve Case Type 5 - the 6 or more direct resin veneer case.
  • Case selection - Recognize which cases work best and how to find those patients.
  • Apply smile design principles for incredibly efficient treatment planning.
  • Learn strategies for managing Accreditation patients and reducing appointment time.
  • Learn a minimal prep technique and how to layer materials for lifelike effects.
  • Understand tooth topography, specific key contours for anterior teeth that are critical for success.
  • Acquire the skills to achieve advanced surface characterization and an enamel-like polish.
  • Photography pointers for consistency and success.

Motivate your patients to say "YES!" In this course you will receive a customized PowerPoint presentation to analyze smiles; a great tool to communicate with and motivate patients.

For more information email or call Erika Heier at 800-837-2321

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