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Catch the Composite Wave and Surf its Potential


Dr. Bud Mopper presents:
Catch the Composite Wave - and Surf its Potential
Dates: October 11-12, 2012 (SOLD OUT)
October 3-4, 2013
AGD Credits: 16
Fee: $2,595, *includes FREE bundle of Materials! (also includes breakfast, lunch and materials)

Dr. Mopper keeps no secrets! This two-day lecture and hands-on presentation is packed full of how-to's, and will show the participant how to easily achieve perfection with free hand bonding, Dr. Mopper will show you how to utilize bonding in ways you never expected. He will show you how to get consistently reliable results and will give recipes for success for every restorative situation.

When you are busier in your practice you are happier! Learn all of the dentistry that you are not currently doing in your practice and how doing more of it can benefit you financially and professionally by adding more value to your practice.


  • Use materials available today to their best advantages. These include microfill, nanofill and microhybrid materials. Find out where each fits into the layering technique.
  • Change color of a single dark tooth to match existing dentition with composite veneering thru step-by-step sequencing.
  • Learn to contour, characterize, and finish final restorations in order to make them believable.
  • Close diastemas.
  • Achieve perfect line angles and perfect embrasures.
  • Learn how the subtle application of opaquers can mask metal or unwanted color to create invisible restorations.
  • Use tints to augment your restorations or impart translucency.
  • Proven techniques for Class III, IV, and V restorations.
  • Intersculpt incisal translucency.
  • Properly polish restorations to acquire a long lasting, easily maintainable enamel-like luster.
  • Accurately diagnose esthetic needs.
  • Learn a philosophy of practice and communication that allows the patient to understand and easily accept proposed treatment plans.

Dr. Mopper has so much to share with you, he can hardly wait until October to teach this course. Because Dr. Mopper is so confident that you can accomplish everything you will set out to learn in this class, he is giving you a ‘Cosmedent – You Can Do It’ bundle of products for FREE!


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