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Direct Resin Artistry: Simple, Predictable, Easy!


Dr. Jason Smithson presents:
Direct Resin Artistry: Simple...Predictable...Easy!
Dates: September 20-22 (SOLD OUT)
November 8-10 (SOLD OUT)
AGD Credits: 16
Fee: $3,495, includes breakfast, lunch and materials

Direct resins in the anterior and posterior dentition have become a common day-to-day treatment modality, and can produce functional, long lasting and highly aesthetic restorations. The philosophy of the course is to introduce a simple technique, which results in a highly aesthetic restoration that is easy to place using minimal shades of composite resin. The program is extremely practical, user friendly and it is 2/3 hands on.
What You Will Learn:


  • Preparation design and protocol to reduce the risk of voids, bond failure and sensitivity. Flowable composite as a liner: why, when and how?
  • Heating composite resin: the pros and cons.
  • The influence of the C-Factor
  • How to assess the occlusal scheme pre-operatively and accurately build up your restoration so that little, if any, occlusal adjustment is necessary.
  • A simplified, stratification technique using external and internal tints and a novel placement technique to consistently achieve lifelike resin restorations.
  • An overview of matrix systems - Learn to choose the best for each situation to achieve anatomical contours in a class 2 situation.
  • The use of tints to seamlessly blend the restoration with the surrounding tooth structure. Which ones to use and how to customize and modify them.
  • Strategies for the direct restoration of the broken down tooth.
  • Shade Selection: De-mystify the science and use it as a practical day-to-day tool.
  • How to harness anatomy to create optical illusions, which result in restorations that are invisible to the human eye.
  • How to produce a rapid, inexpensive indirect mock up and silicone index to precisely determine lingual contours and incisal edge position.
  • How to handle class IV's, direct resin veneers, discolored teeth and diastema closure. All techniques are illustrated with step-by-step clinical cases in a "cookbook" approach.


PHONE  - 800-837-2321

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