Esthetic Dentistry for Tots and Teens – Pediatric One-Day Couse Presented by Dr. Fred Margolis

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Esthetic Dentistry for Tots and Teens - Pediatric One-Day Course
Dates: September 14 (full day)
AGD Credits: 6
Fee: $1,748, includes breakfast, lunch and materials


Today's parents demand the restoration of their children and teen’s teeth for function and esthetics. Self-image of our patients is very important. Glass ionomers, resinomers, composites, and various types of crowns will be illustrated on children and adolescents. Esthetic facings for stainless steel crowns will be illustrated and chairside/labratory steps necessary will be given. Esthetic space maintainers will be shown and the participant will learn the ease with which these can be fabricated. Enamel microabrasion, direct-bonded and porcelain veneers will be shown for esthetics for our teenage patients.


  • Class I and II Primary Molar Preparation
  • Class I and II Primary Molar Restoration
  • "Pulpotomy Preparation"
  • "Stainless Steel Crown Preparation"
  • NuSmile Crown Preparation-- Molar
  • "Celluloid Strip Crown Preparation"
  • "NuSmile Crown Preparation"

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