Sharpen Your Artistic Edge

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Sharpen Your Artistic Edge! Tips to Create Invisible Restorations and Life Changing Smile Enhancements



 Life-changing dentistry is available to all dentists with a creative passion. If you are particularly inclined to details and subtleties in color, you definitely have an edge to mastering these techniques. Going through the details for perfecting all composite possibilities in the esthetic zone, this upbeat lecture will enable you to start refining your artistic skills as soon as Monday morning. Learn the basics for the ultra-conservative « smile-lift » which can remove a decade on a patients appearance. Correct rotations, rejuvenate excessively worn teeth or close unwanted gaps beautifully thanks to state-of-the-art composite materials and techniques. 


Course objectives:  

  • Learn how to choose the right materials to make your restorations high-class
  • Understand color development principle
  • When and why use opaquers and tints?
  • Choose the best instruments for perfecting your dental artwork
  • How to make class III, IV and V disappear
  • Learn how to transform a dark tooth into a natural looking A1 shade
  • Diastema closures, "instant orthodontics" and the smile-lift technique: life-changing skills you can offer to your patients 
  •  Marketing and how to increase the amount of aesthetic cases in YOUR OWN practice



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