Ultimate Esthetics: Anterior Composite Compositions

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Presented by Dr. Corky Willhite
The Ultimate Esthetics Course: Anterior Composite Compositions
Dates: March 14-16, 2013
Fee: $3,495, includes brakfast, lunch and materials
Composite is the most versatile restorative material available for making minor or major changes in dental appearance. With proper technique, the function and longevity of composite rivals porcelain while providing benefits other procedures can’t match. This comprehensive course (half of which is hands-on!) will teach you a systematic, step-by-step technique, as well as diagnostic and marketing skills to help you achieve predictable success with anterior composite restorations.
• Learn a systematic, step-by-step technique for predictable success with anterior composite.
• Make freehanded composite veneers look as good as porcelain veneers.
• Transform dark discolored teeth into bright, natural shades.
• Learn verbal skills that will gain patient interest and increase treatment acceptance.
• Make Class III, IV, and V restorations look totally invisible.
• Practice a step-by-step layering technique, using opaquers and tints for predictable shade and incisal translucency.
• Achieve a long lasting, natural and stain resistant polish every time.
• Learn how occlusion and excellent function are incorporated to enhance success.
• Learn a practical technique for intraoral, functional composite mockup to effectively test esthetic and occlusal changes for months, or even years, before finalizing treatment.
• How to close diastemas while avoiding black triangles and create smooth subgingival margins.
• Advanced surface effects.
What Doctors are saying about the course:
"This is the most helpful anterior bonding course I have ever taken."
"My personal objectives were met beyond and more! I already have 3-4 patients lined up!"
"This course will help me transition my practice to more quality dental care."
"Terrific! Everything was great!"


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