Composite Bonding by Dr. Lorin Berland

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This young lady came in post Invisalign from another dentist. The other dentist wanted to crown or veneer her two centrals but she had other ideas - she wanted to "bond".

Following whitening, we bonded these two teeth using the "Sandwich Technique" -B1 Renamel NANO on the lingual incisal - the stress bearing areas; followed by B1 Renamel Microfill and  Renamel Microfill on the facial incisal for its superior esthetic properties.


After 2 ½ years, she came back- "Did something happen to these 2 front teeth"? Now there’s a space, but in addition to the diastama between the centrals, now there’s also spaces between all 6 front teeth. Obviously she has had a relapse – but now the teeth are where they want to be. Unfortunately she did not like the spaces. It was a good thing that she did not do porcelain on her centrals, because if she had, she would have had to redo them and prepare more teeth as well.


We whitened her teeth again and it showed. This time we closed the spaces between the centrals with B0 Renamel NANO on the mesial incisal lingual. This was finished with the whiter SB3 Microfill on the mesial incisal facial. This bonding protocol was repeated on the lateral incisors. Finally we bonded the mesial-facial & incisals of both the canines with B1 Nano and Microfill. Polishing discsFlexiBuffs & FlexiStrips, and polishing pastes, all included in Cosmedent’s Complete Top Finisher System, were all used to recreate the natural look and feel of enamel.

She was thrilled with the bonding. And it was virtually pain free. Now she’s thinking about "adding a little" to the 1st bicuspids.


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