Fracture of teeth #8 and #9 by Gerald C. Benjamin

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A 19 year old patient presented to the office for treatment of Class IV fractures of the two central incisors which did not involve the pulp. The area was isolated and bevels were placed approximately 2mm in length. After etching and placing the adhesive, the first layer of composite was placed – Renamel Microhyrid A1. This was done to provide strength and opacity. It was placed to the leading edge of the bevel and light cured. Creative Color Opaquer A1 was placed slightly onto the bevel and over the Microhybrid layer to maintain the value and hide the fracture line. Renamel Microfill A1 was sculpted to approximately 95% full contour. This was light cured and a final layer of Incisal Light Microfill was placed to full contour. The restoration was finidhed with carbide burs and polished with FlexiDiscs and FlexiPoints. A final shine was achieved using Enamelize on a FlexiBuff.


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