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This Class IV technique first takes you through preparation of tooth structure. Then you will see the placement of a microhybrid or nanofill composite to replicate the lingual shelf. This stage is so important because you are building the foundation for the restoration. In this restoration you will see the use of opaquers. Cosmedent's Creative Color Opaquers are used to block out unwanted shine through and increase the value of your composite restoration. Make sure to polymerize each incremental step for 20-40 seconds each. Lastly, this technique shows the overlay of Renamel Microfill composite (Cosmedent) to replicate the enamel surface.


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Products used in this case

Item 1

Renamel NANO

A Color Stabe, Wear-Resistant & Highly Polishable Universal composite.

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Item 1

Creative Color Opaquers

Cosmedent's #1 Rated Opaquers Block Light and Blend Seamlessly into your Restoration.

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Item 1

Renamel Microfill

The #1 Rated Composite is Color Stable, Wear Restant and has the Longest Lasting Polish of any Composite. Perfectly Simulates Enamel.

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