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In restorations involving diastema closures, it is very important to measure the centrals for symmetry and tooth proportion before you begin adding composite. This restoration only requires the use of a microfill composite (Renamel Microfill, Cosmedent) because we are replacing enamel only. (Note that a microhybrid composite is not needed for this case.)


Start your diastema closure with facial application first because this will make it easier for you to set up the midline. Make sure to polymerize the facial for 20 seconds before moving to the lingual surface. Then fill in the lingual aspect of the tooth again with a microfill composite. Sculpt, shape and polymerize for 60 seconds. Make sure to measure your restoration again before finishing. Next contour, finish and polish the first tooth through completion before you start on the second tooth.


Once polishing is completed you may start working on your second tooth, building the tooth to the contact of the adjacent tooth. Note that you do not need to use a mylar strip when applying material to the second tooth because once the first tooth is polished the adjacent tooth will not stick to the new composite material.


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