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After a slight long bevel on your porcelain, a light cured rubber dam material is placed to protect the gingival tissue (GINGA-Guard, Cosmedent). Hydrofluoric acid (clear) is placed on porcelain for 3 ½ minutes and then washed with copious amounts of water. *Check etch to make sure porcelain is frosty to ensure the etching is complete. Remove GINGA-Guard and etch dentin with etchant of choice. Silanator is then placed on porcelain followed by a bonding adhesive on both dentin and porcelain. Cure for 20 seconds. Creative Color Pink Opaque (Cosmedent) is applied to block out dark color of tooth. If metal is showing also brush Pink Opaque onto the metal to neutralize the grey color. Pink Opaque is polymerized and then a microhybrid (or nanofill) is applied over the top. The composite is left just on the leading edge of the long bevel. The composite is then cured and overlayed with the same shade of microfill to simualate enamel. The microfill is polymerized for 60 seconds and then the final restoration is shown after finishing and polishing.


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