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Slight long bevel on porcelain. Place light cured rubber dam material on tissue to protect the gingiva (GINGA-Guard). Microetch both the porcelain and metal and place hydrofluoric acid for 3 ½ to 4 minutes. Rinse with copious amounts of water. Apply silanator on porcelain and let dry. Place bonding agent (Cosmedent Complete red bottle) on porcelain and metal. Cure for 20 seconds. Then apply Creative Color Pink Opaque (Cosmedent) on metal and overlay with your composite (either nanofill or micorhybrid). Polymerize for 20-40 seconds. If incisal translucency is needed, then apply a small amount of grey tint to the incisal edge and cure for 20 seconds. Overlay with microfill for your final layer (same shade as your nanofill or microhybrid composite) and cure for 60 seconds. Contour, characterize and finish and polish using a 4 grit aluminum oxide disc system (FlexiDisc, Cosmedent).


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