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Improve your composite dentistry with our technique videos. Each video has a unique ‘tip’ to help you in your office.  View Cosmedent's full list of Tip of the Month Videos.

Cosmedent's FREE Webinar Series

Webinar 1 - Class IV Restorations. Learn composite bonding from one of the pioneers! The first in a series of free webinars sponsored by Cosmedent - Invisible Class IV's is a 30-minute webinar packed full of how-to's and useful tips to help participants easily achieve invisible class IV restorations.....

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Direct Veneer Made Simple

Dr. Newton Fahl shares his easy and predictable technique for a direct composite veneer on a tooth that requires a change in form but has a good color base. In this video Dr. Fahl takes you step by step through cervical tinting, incisal translucency and the finishing and polishing process....

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Posterior Restoration: Esthetic Seal of the implant crown access hole

Watch as Dr. Hartlieb shares a technique that will help dentists create an esthetic solution to an implant screw access hole restoration. Utilizing a series of opaquers, nano composite and tints, ....

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Anterior Restoration - Closing a subgingival margin

Dr. Buddy Mopper demonstrates a simple technique to close a subgingival margin of a composite restoration while maintaining the integrity of the gingival tissue.

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Creating natural enamel surfaces

Dr. Jason Smithson shows how to mimic lifelike surface topography and create subtle incisal edge characterisations on a Class IV restoration.

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How to do a core build up in a unique way

Learn how to do replace amalgams for core material without the aid of a matrix band.

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Cosmetic Composites - Achieving Great Contours and Contacts

Watch this video if learn a great technique to fine contour your composite restorations

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Class II Composite Restoration (Exceptional Marginal Seal)

Watch this video if you want to have a great marginal seal in your class II restorations

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How to Avoid Air Bubbles

Watch this video if you want to eliminate air bubbles in your composite restorations

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Class II Composite Restoration

Turn your Class II’s into Class I’s. Dr. Dennis Harlieb demonstrates a useful tip to make class II’s easier.

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Class V Restoration

Watch this step-by-step video by Dr. Mopper to improve your success rate with cervical restorations.

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Incisal Edge Reinforcement

Dr. Corky Willhite shows you a technique to avoid incisal fractures in this great video demonstration.

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Incisal Troughing Technique

Dr. Bud Mopper shows you his step-by-step troughing technique. A great yet often overlooked profit center for dentists.

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The Value of Pink

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How to Avoid Incisal Fractures

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Class IV Composite Restoration

Orthodontics can only take you so far. Dr. Hartlieb shows you how to repair Class IV incisors post ortho.

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